We’ve been gone for seven glorious days. So far, our travels have taken us through prairies, rolling hills and snow capped mountains, and we’re just about to arrive in the desert. When traveling miles and miles through so many towns, the days tend to start running together. So we decided to create some routine on this trip by taking one Polaroid self portrait every day. We have an old Polaroid 250 Land Camera, a shaky tripod and a wind up self-timer. Setting up a shot is no quick task, especially in the evening when light is scarce. This simple routine is a way to bring a little consistency to our days. It’s also a great way to meet strangers. When they see that old Polaroid on a tripod, it’s an instant conversation starter.

In a way, taking a Polaroid reminds me to slow down a little bit and be more intentional with my time. Of course there are easier, more efficient ways to take a photo. In a few seconds, you can pull out your phone and capture any moment. I suppose the same could be said about listening to music on a mobile device or computer as opposed to pulling out a record and putting it on a turntable. It requires a little more effort, a little less distraction. Sometimes it’s nice to embrace the inefficiency.