2015 Riverfront Times Best Americana Artist
2014 Riverfront Times Best Americana Artist
2013 Riverfront Times Best Songwriter

Twang Nation
“St. Louis-based roots artist Beth Bombara’s new single, “Thunder and Rain” is a winsome folk-pop number that makes you smile and tap your toe…”
-Baron Lane

Glide Magazine
“Viewers are given a front row seat to Bombara’s synergy of smooth and smoky vocals, juxtaposition of driving electric guitar with banjo, and the buildup of instrumentation found in the single.”

Columbia Tribune
“Bombara’s sound has long lived at the Four Corners region of Americana, with rock, blues, bluegrass and folk all within walking distance. Her latest is a kinetic record — and a restless one, remaining faithful to those building blocks while, at times, amplifying rock tones and pursuing her muse into jazzier ones that are more than mere decoration or digression.”
”Bombara follows a winding melody, her vocals uniting earthiness and Natalie Merchant-esque elegance. Quieter, lilting verses give way to a hook that packs a punch without going overboard. The song plays up both the soulful and rootsy elements of Bombara’s sound and makes good use of space and accents.”
“The tune is catchy as can be and arrives at a clear-eyed hopefulness that can’t help but work its way into your bloodstream.”
“With the help of her close-knit band, Bombara has done something special. These songs put her in league with acts such as Dawes that create deceptively simple records. Taken as a whole, each song sounds almost effortless; but, listen closer and you find they, refreshingly, bring together beautiful fragments born of great intention.”
-Aarik Danielsen

Ear to the Ground
““Give Me Something” sounds like the 1970s. Listeners will immediately think of the Stevie Nicks flair from Fleetwood Mac and other pop rock acts from that era. “I need your love to hold on to,” one of the key lyrics in the track, could have come right off of Rumors. In fact, there’s a lot about the flavor and substance of Bombara’s work that shows significant influence from classic pop rock music.”
“All told, this is a great album. There’s a lovely balance of variety and consistency, ultimately taking listeners on a mood-altering journey through love, joy, pain, and sadness. It’s the kind of album that a troubadour should be proud to have put together. The crowning achievement on “Heavy Heart” is a track that many fans will adore for both its simplicity and its depth. Fans of authentic Americana music need to give this full album a spin. It’s got all of the elements of a complex songwriter, adventuring through life with her keen ears and eyes open to the best of human stories.”

Eleven Magazine
“”Give Me Something” [is] a radio-friendly song with 90’s pop sensibilities buried under the surface, à la Beth Orton’s “Stolen Car”, while still retaining Bombara’s Americana vibe.”
“Bombara has made another fantastic album, even better than 2013’s thoroughly pleasurable Raise Your Flag…Beth Bombara is one of the treasures of Saint Louis.”
-Suzie Gilb

Magnet Magazine
“Though the music has a definite Americana style, her older [punk rock] influences are clearly apparent as well.”

88.1 KDHX
“I’m glad the rest of the world can start to discover Beth Bombara. Her vocals, melody and songcraft hit a new peak and the ideas and arrangements enhance this new batch of songs to perfection. One of St. Louis’ favorite indie-folk artists has possibly upstaged herself. If you haven’t heard Beth before, this is a fine place to start.”
Nick Acquisto, Music Director

“Like a bourbon-warmed Neko Case. Songs with texture and tension…she infuses her brand of Folk, Alt-Country and Blues with surprising indie-pop savvy”
Roy Kasten, The Riverfront Times

Zachary Mule
“Beth has a folk singer’s head and a rocker’s heart… her lyrics are definitely as heartfelt as any songwriter’s and I would pit her guitar work and vocal prowess (imagine Joan Baez, Brandy Johnson and Linda Ronstadt meeting up at the back of Aretha Franklin’s throat for a good ol’ fashioned hoedown) against just about any roots rock or Americana performer out there.”

KDHX (Show Review)
“The girl is on track to sell out the Peabody one day. You heard it here first. Her small quartet packed quite a punch to get the night started. The band gave a great show, and Bombara expressed how happy she was to be a part of it all, before making way for the other acts. But if you ask me, she could’ve played all night. I wouldn’t have minded.”
-Kevin Korinek