I didn’t write a blog post last week. Sorry! Every ounce of my energy has been focused on trying to make the necessary pieces come together for this new record to happen. On Friday, we’ll pack up our gear and head out to Jettison Studios to begin tracking a full length album. The main goal is to record as much as possible live, as a band performing in one big room. We did an experimental recording this way a while ago and loved it. I think the end result will have an energy and overall feel that’s just impossible to capture when each band member records their parts separately.

To do it this way, we need a fair amount of open space (a good ‘live’ room), which is something we don’t have in our home studio. I love the laid back feel of recording at home, but this change of pace just feels right for the record we’re about to make. It also helps to bring on a dedicated engineer so Kit and I are better able to focus on the album as a whole rather than the little details of capturing sounds. In a way, recording in an outside studio helps to focus our efforts. Our goal is to create a diverse-yet-cohesive-sounding album that continues down the path I’ve been working on for so long….something that explores a little more musical territory while not completely abandoning the sound of previous recordings.

I recently received a message from a fan complimenting me on a live performance (I’m always humbled and grateful when people take the time to reach out & encourage me!). The closing line of the email was “Keep doing YOU”, which stuck out to me because that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do. My goal is not really to break new ground as far as musical genres go; I’m just trying to share things from my perspective. It’s not always easy to write…more often than not it’s a labor of love, and sometimes it’s just downright painful. But this is what I’m compelled to do – it’s a challenge that helps me connect to myself, and (more importantly) to the people around me.