We are headed on the last leg of our journey. The furthest point has been reached, and today we begin our trip back eastward toward home. In a sense, this tour has been somewhat of an experiment. We’ve taken these familiar songs and deconstructed them to maximize the sound coming from only two people. Spending some time laying down a solid foundation with just two band members makes things that much better when you start adding more members to the mix.

A single song can be interpreted in many different ways. A full sound doesn’t necessarily make a band sound better. In fact, it may actually put a bandaid on a mediocre song. Stripping the layers of a song down to it’s bones really helps to see that song for what it is, and be able to build it back up in a way that turns a good song into a great song. This kind of surgery may take a while to master, but in the end it’s worth it.