Sometimes you need to put yourself in a new environment in order to make progress. As some of you may know, Kit and I have a recording studio in our house that we have used to record a majority of my last two albums. But this weekend, we packed up and ventured into cornfields on the other side of the river to spend a day recording with Dan Mehrmann at Jettison Studios. Outside the studio there were sunny skies and wide open spaces. Inside, there was a great space to work with no distractions…I knew I’d find the mental clarity I’ve been needing so badly. And I must say – I wasn’t disappointed.

Rather than recording each instrument individually, we were able to set everything up together in one room and track the whole band live. I’ve never been in a position to do that before, and there was something absolutely magical about it. It wasn’t about perfection of the individual parts; rather, the goal was to capture the overall feel of how those parts work together. I woke up today feeling incredibly lucky to have shared that experience with some great musicians (thanks Karl Eggers, JJ Hamon, Kit Hamon, and Corey Woodruff!).

I can’t wait to share these new recordings with the world. Stay tuned!