When a new band breaks on the scene, it’s often perceived that the band’s existence has been short and sweet; That their talent alone has propelled them quickly to the forefront. Nowadays, this is seldom the case. Many well known bands have worked their butts off for seven to ten years before they really got a break.

What I’m learning more and more is how important behind the scenes jobs are in the music industry. The actual talent and music is not the driving force, but true talent certainly makes jobs like publicity and radio promotion easier. In an ideal scenario, the music would speak for itself. Yet, it still needs a force behind it to propel it forward, into the consciousness of potential audience members.

Singlehandedly, I can’t possibly be that force. I’ve tried. So I recently came to terms with the fact that I need to ask for help. Here’s what I’ve found- If you are committed to your art and possess a reasonable amount of talent, there are friends, peers, and community members who are willing to help you out along your journey. The working musician’s to-do list is never ending. There’s lots of things you could be doing, including taking press photos, writing web copy, designing show posters, booking shows, getting in touch with publications for coverage, among many other things. Just having help in one of these areas could be huge. Oh, and let’s not forget writing new songs and practicing.

I must admit I’ve followed a pretty strong DIY ethos for a long time. Maybe I’ve been afraid to ask for help. The time has come to expand my homegrown DIY ethos into a DIT ethos- Do-It-Together. This past year I’ve had a few people offer their help and support. It has meant so much to me, and I’ve learned that in asking for help, there is nothing to be afraid of.