On Monday a Chevy Malibu Eco was delivered to my house. I’m driving it for a week as part of the Chevy Keys to St. Louis program, which focuses on highlighting all the great things going on in St. Louis. Now that I’ve had a few days to drive it around, I think we’re finally friends! The car I own is also a Chevy (circa 1990) so I thought it’d be fun to compare it with a 2012 model. Some things don’t change. My favorite: faux wood grain interior accents. Both cars also feel very solid to drive.

There’s a few details I can really appreciate in the 2012 model that my older Chevy lacks.

1. Cupholders. Seriously, how long have cups been around?
2. Power locks and windows. It’s priceless to see a kid try to open a window in my current car. When I tell them they have to put their hand on a crank and manually turn it down, their jaws drop to the floor. “NO WAY! Can I do it again?”
3. Cupholders. Chevy, what were you thinking?

With technological advances obvious throughout the Malibu Eco, I feel like a spaceship operator behind it’s wheel. But instead of taking you on a tour of the outer depths of space, my mission is based on lesser known pockets of St. Louis that are within the reach of your own exploration. Stay tuned as I navigate through some of my favorites over the next few days.