This past weekend we had the pleasure of playing a house concert in Knoxville, TN. We pulled up to a big, beautiful house awkwardly nestled in the middle of an ordinary looking apartment complex. The house had been converted into apartments, and our show was being held in one of these units. We stepped through an impressive looking front entryway and were greeted by 12ft. ceilings. This so called apartment was bigger than my whole house.

We unpacked our instruments next to an old upright piano to one side of the brick hearth. This particular house show was a weekend brunch potluck, and our hosts were in the middle of baking fresh cheddar biscuits. I know they were from scratch because I helped grate the block of cheddar. I’ll be dreaming about those biscuits for days.

Guests started to arrive and we filled our plates and made new friends over drinks and a meal. Finally, it was time to share our music. It felt like playing for friends and family, although I only knew two people in attendance prior to that day. It’s rare that I find myself playing in a living room free of sound system restrictions. There’s a sense of connection with a house show audience that is hard to replicate in a traditional venue.

The evening approached and some people stayed longer to hang out. There was an impromptu jam session. There was a pool swim. Then a big storm rolled in. We congregated in the middle of the house after warnings of possible tornadoes. Then, we said goodbye. When all is said and done, we performed in a living room for an intimate crowd. But it was so much more than just that.