A few months ago I had the privilege of recording a few new songs in a live setting. As I look ahead to recording more new material, I come back to a dilemma I’ve faced many times before. How should I release these songs? With an ever-changing digital landscape, there are lots of options. Options for big budgets, and options for low budgets. Singles, EPs, or the traditional full length album. Vinyl, cassette, CD, or thumb drive. How about one single a month, culminating in a 12 song album at the end of the year? Or a collection of 4 EPs, one for each season. How do you decide the best way to go? I’ve read many debates, and there are pros and cons to each way of going about it, which I won’t get into right now.

Another thing I’ve considered is this: Music seems to be more of a disposable commodity now more than ever. There have been attempts to get back to the “art” of music rather than catering to a commercial agenda. You may have heard of the Beck album released only in sheet music form. Or, the Wu Tang album that sits locked in a vault because there is only one copy which will travel the world to be experienced like an art exhibit. Maybe this seems extreme, but I appreciate the way in which it elevates modern music to the same plane as an art experience. That being said, I’d like to engage some discussion on what you think is a good way to approach releasing music in the digital age. So, what do you think?