I’m pretty exhausted after spending three long days in a row in the studio. I knew it was going to be a lot of work both physically and emotionally, and I’m feeling the effects as I type. The good news is, the whole record is almost all tracked! I’ll be going back this weekend to finish the vocals, and add a few final touches. I’m proud of every recording I’ve ever made, but this is shaping up to be something really special for me. I feel like it’s easily my best work yet.

If you’ve seen me play with the whole band before, the new record will feel familiar. It features the usual suspects- Kit Hamon on upright & electric bass, JJ Hamon on lap steel and horns, Karl Eggers on banjo and guitar, and the newest addition, Corey Woodruff on drums. We invited a few special guest musicians to add their own little touch to a couple songs. Who? Well that’s a secret for now.

I also let a videographer get in my face while tracking the sessions. It was a little awkward at first, but it didn’t take too long for me to pretend he wasn’t there. There’s quite a bit of footage to sort through, but eventually we’ll end up with a little mini-documentary about the making of this yet-to-be-named album. Since I couldn’t have you all in the studio with me, I thought this would be a way of giving you a peek into the whole process. I hope you’ll be able to sense the work that went into our preparation, and the healthy dose of improvisation when decisions were made on the spot.

So what now? The mixing process will take a few weeks, then it will be sent off to a mastering engineer who will do the final preparation before CDs and records are pressed. In the meantime, we’ll be working on album artwork and such. These things take time to do right, but let me tell you: when it’s done, we will celebrate. Party date to be determined…

*Photo by Nate Burrell