Next week, Kit and I will be loading up our instruments and embarking on a tour that will last 18 days and 4,182 miles. It’s been a while since I’ve traveled this far, and I’m really looking forward to it.

There’s a list of things to cross off before I’ll feel ready for this trip. A main focus for the week is rehearsing as a two piece band. We know the songs, but I want to bring a dynamic that translates well with just two people. Maybe that means re-arranging songs, or using different instruments. Even though we’ll be playing for a lot of new audiences who might not know the difference, I still want to take the challenge of developing an engaging two person show.

Having only one band member to share the spotlight with leaves me feeling slightly more vulnerable onstage. On that note, I’m trying to see myself more as a storyteller than I ever have before. The problem is, I’m not a folk singer. I’m not a singer-songwriter, a jazz singer, or a rock ‘n roller. I’m a little bit of all of these things, and it’s often been difficult reconciling them together. I’ve long felt like I’m in an awkward spot, straddling many musical fences. More recently, I’m feeling at peace with that. I can be a folk singer one day and a rocker the next day, and that’s totally ok. I’m looking forward to flexing my musical muscles over the next few weeks as I try to push myself a little further with each show.