It’s been a busy month with some cool happenings. My highlight so far was being included in this year’s Twangfest lineup. I felt very honored to share a bill with some great musicians, some of which have been playing for a long time. It was encouraging to watch their performances, and got me thinking “What will I sound like in ten years?” Because I’m pretty sure I’ll still be playing music then.

Twangfest is a really cool festival for a lot of reasons. Instead of happening outdoors with multiple stages, it happens in an intimate venue over the course of 4 days. It brings together true music lovers, and I’ve never played for a more genuinely respectful audience who seemed so happy and excited to be there. The Twangfest concept is not so much to be an exclusively Twang-music-only festival, but to highlight different sub-genres of Americana. Soul, Rock, Folk, Blues, and more. They’ve done a good job of being a focused, yet inclusive festival when it comes to the types of bands they feature.

I also felt honored to represent St. Louis in a lineup of established touring bands. After our set, a few people stopped me to say how much they enjoyed it, ending enthusiastically with “Thanks for coming all the way to St. Louis!” I smiled. Do I tell them I live a few blocks down the street?

Photo by Nate Burrell